Zoning Board of Adjustments

Members Term Expires
Minerva Simpson - Chair 03/2026
Elizandro Munoz - Co Chair 03/2025
Ernesto A. Flores 03/2026
Rudy Martinez 03/2024
Cesar Perez 03/2025

Alternates Term Expires
Michael Boland 03/2027
Julie Ann Ezell-Perez 03/2022
Michelle Franco-Mar 03/2026
Robert Garza 03/2025
Armando Prado 03/2026

* Each board member continues to serve until they get reappointed or a new appointee is made once their term is expired.
The Board of Adjustments shall consist of 12 members, six of which will be regular members and six of which will be alternate members. Each appointee shall be at least 18 years old and a resident of the City. The Mayor and City Commissioners shall each appoint one regular member and one alternate member. The number of terms a member may serve shall not be limited.


Ordinance No. 97-35 details the duties of the Zoning Board of Adjustments.


The Zoning Board of Adjustments meets the 1st Monday of the month beginning at 5:30 p.m., as needed.  Meetings are generally held at City Hall’s Townhall.  The meeting agenda is posted the Thursday before the next scheduled meeting.