Golf Course Advisory Board

Members Term Expires
Carlos Perez 11/2025
Robert Grider 11/2025
Tim Elliott 11/2025
William Toner 11/2025
Stephen Brewer 11/2025
Jim Young 11/2026

* Each board member continues to serve until they get reappointed or a new appointee is made once their term is expired.


The Harlingen Golf Course Advisory Board shall consist of six members. Each appointee to the Board shall be at least 18 years of age, and each appointee’s spouse must be a resident of the city or work or operate a business in the city and be of good moral character and demonstrate an interest in the general welfare of the city. The Mayor and five Commissioners shall each appoint one member to the Board. The six members of the Board shall serve a term of three years, but in no case shall the term of any Board member exceed the term of office of the Mayor or Commissioner making such appointment. In the event a member of the Harlingen Golf Course Advisory Board vacates office during his term, the Mayor or Commissioner making the appointment shall appoint a replacement who shall serve for a term not to exceed the remaining term of office of the Mayor or Commissioner making said replacement appointment. The Harlingen Golf Course Advisory Board shall elect from its membership a chairman who shall not vote except when necessary to break a tie. Each appointee shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed. An appointee shall forfeit his office if such appointee fails to attend three consecutive meetings in a calendar year.


Such Board being authorized to make periodic inspections of the Harlingen Municipal Golf Course; and to make recommendations to the Elective Commission of the City of Harlingen concerning the City’s continuing ownership and operation of such Golf Course, providing for the appointment of such board members by the Elective Commission; providing for the contracting for the operation and maintenance of such Golf Course.