Airport Board

Members   Term Expires
Ruben Pena (Seat #1) Board Member 11/2025
Dr. Martha Cano (Seat #2) Board Member 11/2025
Dr. Alicia Noyola  (Seat #3) Board Chairwoman 11/2026
George H. McShan (Seat #4) Board Member 11/2025
Julie Ezell-Perez (Seat #5) Board Member 11/2025
Alejandro Gallaga (Seat #6) Board Member 11/2025
Juan Longoria (Seat #7) Board Member 11/2025

* Each board member continues to serve until they get reappointed or a new appointee is made once their term is expired.


There is hereby established the Harlingen Airport Board, referred to in this Division as the Airport Board which shall consist of (7) seven members, with not less than five members being appointed by the City Commission, and two Board Members to be appointed by the Mayor.  The Mayor shall be entitled to appoint two members to the Airport Board which shall be known as Airport Board Seats Place One and Two. The holders of these Board seats may either reside anywhere within the State of Texas.  Each member of the City Commission shall be entitled to make one appointment to the Airport Board for each of the remaining five board seats which shall be known as Airport Board Seats Places Three through Seven.  The holders of these Board seats shall reside within the incorporated city limits of the City of Harlingen, Texas. Each member of the Airport Board shall serve a term of three years. The terms of office shall run concurrent with the appointing City Commission member for that seat. All individuals appointed to the Airport Board must possess the following qualifications at the time of the initial appointment or reappointment: 1) Meet the residency requirements for the respective board seat. 2) Not have been removed as a member of any City Board. 3) May not concurrently serve on more than one City Board. 4) Meet any other general city requirements for Board Appointments. 5) Have educational or work experience commensurate with appointment to the Harlingen Airport Board.