Harlingen Proud is a volunteer organization, whose purpose is to educate the community on the facts contributing to littering behavior, establish programs to deter littering, encourage beautification, promote volunteerism and to provide a clean and safe environment in which to live.

What can be Recycled in These Containers:

Cardboard:  Brown corrugated boxes, shoe and food boxes that are either brown or gray on the inside.  No boxes that are white on the inside or coated with a wax or plastic.

Paper: Newspaper, Catalogs, Magazines, Office Paper and Books. 

Aluminum & Steel:  Aluminum and Beverage/Soda Cans, no aluminum foil or single use pans.  Tin, Aerosol and Food Cans.

Plastic #1 & #2:  These types of plastics have a triangle made of 3 arrows with a number 1 or 2 in the middle on the bottom of the container.  These containers include water bottles, soda bottles, sport drink bottles, juice bottles, milk jugs, vinegar bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo and body wash bottles.

Please rinse all milk bottles, food cans and soda cans with a small amount of water.

Please Note:

Used Motor Oil: Can be recycled at local oil change service providers.

Electronics: Can be recycled at local stores that sell office equipment and electronics.

What cannot be Recycled:

Gasoline or Diesel
Pesticide Containers
Glass of any sort 
Disposable Batteries
Styrofoam or Packing Peanuts
Diapers, Tissue, Toilet Paper
Explosives & Ammunition
Paint Cans
Plastic Bags of any sort