Brush Collection Schedule

The Public Works Department provides Brush and Debris Collection for all City Residential (Garbage Collection) Accounts.  Our collection operation is divided into four (4) Service Areas.  You can view a map of the 4 Service Areas to determine when we will service your home. Click on here.
Our Crews will service each one of the Service Areas once per month.  Each month on the first full week of the month, crews will begin on the north west section of the map (Area 4) and then move to counterclockwise until the entire city areas is served.  In the event of unforeseen delays, crews will remain on the assigned Service Area the following week until it is complete.  It is our goal to be servicing your designated Service Area on the week designated in accordance to the maps.  This process will repeat itself each month to provide a timelier collection from all residential areas.  We expect this process to provide a more efficient brush collection service for our customers.
Important Note: Please place brush on a separate pile from debris.  The proper placement of the brush and debris for collection is crucial to the efficiency and safety of our operations. Also, proper placement of brush and debris will protect our drainage system and reduce flooding.  If you improperly place the brush and/or debris, you may find one of these door hanger placed at your door.

Please Refer To The Flyer For Instructions. Click Here.,

For questions or special pick-up requests please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at (956) 216-5300.

Brush Pickup Map

AREA 3- Tuesday, June 18, 2024 (all areas in purple have been completed).

Crew 1- Clifford & 24th St. south to Bus. 77 between Haine Dr.

Crew 2- Pinehurst St. & Treasure Hills Blvd. south to Haine Dr. between Lazy Lake Ave.

Crew 3- Ed Carey Dr. & Cottonwood Rd. north to Maple St. 

Crew 4- 25th St. & N. Parkwood Rd. west to Little Creek Ave. between East Parkwood Rd. 

Crew 5- Arroyo Vista Ave. & New Hampshire Rd. west to Alonzo Ct. 

A3 Bsh  06-17-24

Monthly Residential Brush and Debris Pickup Schedule 


We will NOT collect trash on New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

New Brush Collection Areas: 

We will be starting Area 1 on Monday, June 24, 2024.

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