Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Engineering department is to build and maintain Harlingen’s drainage and street infrastructure. The department manages the city’s drainage and street projects and provides plan review assistance to the Planning and Development department, ensuring new infrastructure follows the city ordinance. Other duties include traffic analysis, cost estimating, floodplain administration, grant application/management assistance, and assistance to city staff in any project requiring engineering services. The goal of the Department is to protect public health, safety, and welfare through the administration of comprehensive engineering design with a focus on flood mitigation and street maintenance.

Goals and Objectives for FY 2024 - 2025

  • Start construction on shovel-ready drainage projects with available ARPA funds.
  • Administer the Street Improvement Program and manage the street construction project of this year/cycle.
  • Assist the Special Projects Department in grant applications for public infrastructure improvements.
  • Administer the floodplain and select projects to mitigate flooding using the HUC10 Drainage Study (Drainage Master Plan).
  • Continue to:
    • Produce in-house design for public infrastructure improvements in the areas of drainage, streets, sidewalks and parks.
    • Provide plan reviews and facilitate the city’s infrastructure development.
    • Provide exceptional internal and external customer service.
    • Aid citizens in requests for information regarding drainage, streets, and traffic control devices.
    • Update the City of Harlingen Standard Details
    • Administer the City’s speed hump installation program.
    • Develop maps for City projects and/or requests as necessary.
    • Improve the data management structure of the department.
Engineering Staff Contact Information