Staff Directory

Elevating Harlingen's Voice: The Communications and Media Department

In the heart of Harlingen, a new chapter unfolded in 2023 with the establishment of the Communications and Media Department, marking a historic milestone as the city's inaugural team dedicated to enhancing our community's dialogue and visual storytelling. Comprised of three innovative team members, our department is the creative pulse of the city, dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents through dynamic and engaging communication.

Our mission is multifaceted: to serve as the primary conduit for information about city projects, special events, and key activities, and to ensure that the vibrant life of our community is shared far and wide. Collaboration is our cornerstone. We work closely with all city departments, amplifying their initiatives and ensuring their messages resonate with every corner of our community.

But our role extends beyond the traditional bounds of communication. We are the guardians of the city's digital presence, managing social media channels with a keen eye for engagement and a heart for storytelling. Our creative flair comes to life through a diverse array of content—be it captivating graphics, informative flyers, insightful reports, or compelling videos and photos. Each piece we create is a thread in the writing of Harlingen's story.

The Communications and Media Department is more than a team; we are storytellers, designers, and advocates for our city's bright future. Together, we are making history!

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Cristina Garcia Director (956) 216-5030
Calista Reyes Digital Media Administrator (956) 216-5039
Brandon Castellanos Multimedia Coordinator (956) 216-5037