Elections 2024

Notice of Voting Order Priority for Voters with Certain Disabilities
Posting Requirements for Political Subdivisions

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Candidates Financial ReportsNo documents

2024 Candidate Packet11 documents

  • 2024 Candidate Letter
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    This letter provides essential information for your participation in the upcoming elections. Key dates and requirements are outlined to ensure you are well-prepared and compliant throughout the election process. Please review these details carefully to stay informed and on track.

City of Harlingen Charter, Section 2, Qualifications1 document

  • City of Harlingen Charter, Section 2, Qualifications
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Application for a place on the City of Harlingen General Election1 document

  • appforplaceonballot.pdf
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Important 2024 Election Dates to Candidates1 document

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Appointment of Candidate's Campaign Treasure Form (CTA Form)1 document

  • CTA
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Amendment - Appointment of the Candidate's Campaign Treasure Form and Instruction Guide1 document

  • CTA Instructions
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Fair Campaign Practices Act and Information1 document

  • codefaircampaignpractices.pdf
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Texas Ethics Commission Title 15, Election Code, Regulating Political Funds and Campaigns. Candidates/Officeholder Campaign (COH) Finance Report Instruction (C/OH) Forms;3 documents

  • ElectionCodeTitle15.pdf
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  • texasethicsregulatingpoliticalfunds.pdf
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  • financereportsheet.pdf
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Candidate/Office Holder Report of Unexpended Contributions, Form C/OH-UC and Instruction Guide;1 document

  • Reportofunexpendedcontributions.pdf
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Copy of City Ordinance and regulations regarding the enforcement of political signs administered by the City of Harlingen Code Enforcement Department; (Inquire if this has been updated from '2019""No documents

Copy of the Texas Ethics Commission Political Advertising *What you Need to Know" regarding required disclosures on political advertising;No documents

Copies of Sections 61.003 and 61.004 regarding electioneering and loitering near the polling places, unlawful operation of sound amplification device or sound truck, use of certain communication devices within 100 ft. of a polling place and Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District policies regarding distribution of non-No documents

Texas Ethics CommissionNo documents